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The perfect solution for reduced spacesIn the BOX series, all the components and peripherals are integrated in a single, small, compact device, ready to plug in and fly ("Plug and Fly").

One of the main characteristics of these flight simulators is their ease of use, since they do not require previous installation or configuration and can be connected to any visual source. Thanks to its size and ease of use, it becomes the "perfect tool" to train pilots in any location.

With its optimized measurements, it can fit on top of a small table. It is easy to transport, thanks to its practical transport handles and the elimination of cables. These qualities make it the perfect device to be installed in classrooms - one, or several units - or at home, or to be exhibited at fairs and events. Includes the Instructor's Tablet and connectivity with other simulators.

Simloc can configure a BOX device for any compatible airplane. At this moment we have two models: the G1000 SR BOX, Glass Cockpit, and the Beechcraft Bonanza SR BOX, with analog instrumentation. If you need a box configured for another airplane model, contact us.

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